Support Groups & More for Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Victims in Tallahassee, FL

AngelWingz Family Crisis & Intervention Center, Inc (AWFCIC) is Tallahassee,  great alternative for connections, resources, and awareness about domestic abuse and human trafficking. Our priority is to continuously establish relationships with resources and other organizations, such as law enforcement and medical personel, to raise awareness of the resources available to the survivors and to let them know that we’re here for them, armed with the connections they need to escape. 

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Escape Plans

Our team works directly with survivors, and their families to build and enact a safe escape plan. We work with each individual to assess critical details and to determine the safest option. 

All of your information is confidential.

Our staff will investigate your situation and ensure your safety. 

Resources & Referrals

Along with raising awareness, AngelWingz Family Crisis & Intervention Center, Inc provides a comprehensive database of resources for survivors and their families,  they can use to escape, recover, and heal. Examples of these resources include medical referral, law enforcement, health coaches, mentors, educational opportunites,  shelter, financial education and more. 

    • Case Management
    • Medical Assessment
    • Survivor Counseling
    • Specialized Therapy

    • Drug & Alcohol Recovery Referrals

    •  Health Consultations 

    •  Domestic Abuse Recovery & Safety Training

    •  Human Trafficking Recovery & Security Options


    Connie’s Corner opened September 2020 under the persevering efforts of the visionary Elder Wendy Strickland.  Connie’s Corner is a transitional home providing temporary services for women in emergency crises.  Not only is Connie’s Corner a transitional home, but it also serves as a 21st century underground railroad providing escape routes and alternatives for genuine victims of domestic violence and/or human trafficking.  

    Our home also assists victims by partnering with individuals and agencies who can provide counseling services, assessments for goal setting, relocation, transitioning housing, medical assistance, education, case management, legal advice, and other services. In fact, Connie’s Corner has partnerships throughout the USA in an effort to provide quality services to our clients.

    Volunteers at the residence serve with a loving heart, provide a caring and sensitive outlook, and make safety a priority.  Connie’s Corner is a “NO TOLERANCE FOR DRAMA  ZONE!” and with integrity, provides a place where confidentiality, privacy, and trust is enforced.

    We have a heart for the safe transition of individuals and families in domestic violence and human trafficking. Our mission is to break the silence of and bring awareness to the plight of these individuals and families. Each call that comes to our Heartline is a signal for services that sends our feet “Moving forward at the speed of You!” to respond to the call and the cry. We rely on the strength of the Almighty to ensure that whatever is done to help any victim is done professionally and efficiently.

    We are Connie’s Corner seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, and yes, 365 days a year!

    Statistics  & Information

    • 70% of women are victims of domestic violence at some point. 
    • On average, 7 attempts are made to leave an abusive situation, before success. 
    • Domestic Violence is the third leading cause of homelessness among families.
    • Florida ranks #3 in reported human trafficking cases. 
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    Licensed Counseling  & Other Resources

    Recovery is difficult and stressful for survivors of any abuse. Our team assists in the recovery effort by providing connections to licensed counseling and health coaches for survivors and their families. Talk to us about connecting with these resources to faciltate your recovery. 

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    Get in Touch Today 

    You don’t have to go through this alone; get in touch with AngelWingz Family Crisis & Intervention Center, Inc. today. Let our team get you in contact with the resources you need to build an escape plan, and then to help you and your family recover.  We’ll continue to connect victims with resources and to raise awareness in our community. 

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